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Jen's Hen Pen

Jen has a hen.

The hen has a pen.

Not a pen to write,

A pen to sit and nap at night.

One day, Jen saw

Not one, not two,

But ten eggs in a row!

"Oh wow!" said Jen, "Let's count, let's go!"

One, two, three,

Up to ten, easy as can be.

Jen and her hen,

In the den, count again.

The hen pecks,

In her pen, checks and checks.

Jen grins, "One to ten,

All here, in the hen's den."

The hen clucks, "Cluck, cluck!"

Jen laughs, "What luck!"

Ten eggs, big win,

In the den, with Jen and her kin.

Days pass, the eggs jig.

Out pop chicks, not big.

One, two, three, and then,

All the way to ten!

Jen jumps, "Look, look!

Ten chicks by the brook!"

The hen and her ten,

Happy in the den.

Jen says, "Hen, you and your ten,

Made me the happiest of men!"

The end.

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