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Sam the Ram's Big Jam

Updated: Feb 13

Sam the Ram's Big Jam

Sam is a ram.

Sam can jam.

He has a band.

"Jam with me!" says Sam.

Pam is in the band.

She can tap.

Tap, tap, tap!

"Fun!" says Pam.

Tim is in the band too.

He can hit a tin.

Hit, hit, hit!

"Big hit!" says Tim.

Sam has a plan.

"Let's do a big jam!"

"Yes!" say Pam and Tim.

"We can do it!"

Sam sets a day.

"Jam day is Sun!"

Pam and Tim nod.

"Sun is fun!"

Sam, Pam, and Tim sit.

They sip tea.

"Big day!" says Sam.

"Big jam!" say Pam and Tim.

Sun is up!

Sam has his hat.

Pam has her mat.

Tim hits his tin.

Jam day is fun!

Sam, Pam, and Tim jam.

Bam, bam, bam!

All say, "Yam!"

Sam, Pam, and Tim bow.

All clap.

"Sam the Ram, you can jam!"

Sam wags his tail. "I am Sam!"

The end.

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