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The Big Pig Gig

Updated: Feb 12

Tim the pig is big.

Big, big, big!

Not a fig, not a wig.

A big, big pig!

All his pals are small.

Not Tim! No, not at all.

He is big, they are small.

Tim can't fit in the hall!

The sun is hot, the mud is not.

His pals dig, dig, dig a lot.

They dig, but the pit? It is small.

"We need you, Tim!" his pals call.

Tim digs.

Dig, dig, dig!

The pit is big.

Big for a wig, big for a fig!

Tim's pals hop in.

They jig, they zig, they zag.

"Tim, you are big, but just right!"

Now Tim is glad, not sad.

His size is a hit. It is just right!

The end.

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