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Gus the Bus

Gus is a bus.

A fun bus!

Not big, but Gus can zip!

Gus can go all day.

Up and down, Gus zips in town.

"Hop in!" Gus hums.

Cat, dog, hen - all are his pals.

"Off we go!" Gus sings.

Gus zips to the sun.

Gus zips in the rain.

No fuss for Gus!

"Beep beep!" says Gus.

"Next stop!"

All hop off. "Thank you, Gus!"

Gus sees a rat.

"Oh no! A flat!"

But Gus is not sad.

With a jack and a hug,

Gus is on the go.

Gus is not just a bus.

Gus is a pal to us.

With Gus, it's a plus!

The end.

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