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Dot the Pot

Dot is a pot.

A hot pot.

Not a lot of pots are like Dot.

Dot can cook.

You look, you say,

Dot cooks what you wish today!

Jen has a wish.

"Dot, I wish for fish!"

Dot got hot.

In the pot? A big fish!

"Oh my!" says Jen, "What a dish!"

Tim has a wish too.

"Dot, I wish for stew!"

Dot got hot.

In the pot? Stew, a lot!

"Yum!" says Tim, "It hit the spot!"

Sam has a wish.

"Dot, can I have a dish?"

"Not fish, not stew, but... jam!"

Dot got hot.

In the pot? Jam, oh wow!

"Thanks, Dot!" says Sam with a bow.

Dot the pot can cook a lot.

Fish, stew, jam, hot, hot, hot!

Kids wish, Dot dishes.

"What fun!" they all say.

"Dot, you made our day!"

The end.

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