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The Thirsty Crow

Once upon a sunny day, a thirsty crow was flying. He looked down at the dry, brown land. 'I need water,' he thought. The sun was hot and the crow was very, very thirsty. He saw something! It was a pitcher. 'Maybe there is water in there,' he hoped.

The crow flew down. He saw the pitcher had a little water, but oh no! The water was too far down. He put his beak in, but could not reach it. 'I can’t drink it,' the crow said, feeling sad. He thought hard. 'How can I drink this water?'

Then, he had a great idea! He saw some small stones on the ground. 'What if I put these in the pitcher?' he thought. He picked up a stone with his beak and dropped it in. 'Plop!' went the stone. The water rose a little. He smiled and did it again and again.

Drop by drop, the water came up. Soon, it was high enough! The crow drank the cool water. 'Yay!' he cheered. 'I did it!' He was not thirsty anymore. 

The clever crow had solved the problem. He flew away happy, ready for his next adventure.

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