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The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Updated: Feb 12

In a tiny village surrounded by soft, rolling hills, young Alex had a job. He was a shepherd boy! Every day, he led the sheep to a sunny field to eat.

"Munch, munch," went the sheep. Alex watched them, but oh, he wished for something exciting to happen.

One bright afternoon, Alex had a naughty idea. "Let's have some fun," he thought. He stood up, took a deep breath, and yelled, "Wolf! Wolf! A wolf is chasing the sheep!"

The villagers ran to help, puffing and panting, but... no wolf! Just Alex, laughing. "Fooled you!"

The villagers were not amused. "There's no wolf here!" they said, scratching their heads. Alex just chuckled and pointed to the peaceful sheep.

"It was just a little joke!" he said. But the villagers didn't laugh. They shook their heads and went back home.

Then, one quiet evening, as the sun was saying goodbye and the stars were saying hello, a real wolf sneaked into the field.

Alex's heart jumped. "Wolf! It's a real wolf this time!" he shouted. But far away in their homes, the villagers thought, "It's just another trick."

Alex waved his arms and shouted till his voice was hoarse. "Please, come quick! The wolf is here!" But the houses stayed quiet, the doors stayed shut.

The wolf edged closer, its eyes on the fluffy sheep. Alex was scared. "Help, please help!"

The next morning, the villagers walked to the field and saw Alex. His cheeks were wet with tears, and the sheep were all scattered.

"The wolf," Alex sobbed, "it was real." The villagers felt sorry for Alex. He learned the wisest lesson: Always, always tell the truth.

The Moral of the Story: Always, always tell the truth.

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