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The Ant and The Grasshopper

In a sunny meadow, a busy black bullet ant was hard at work. 'So much to do!' the ant said, lifting crumbs as big as pebbles. 'Winter will be here soon, and I need to be ready!'

Hop, strum, laugh! Along came a green grasshopper, enjoying the sun. 'Why work so much?' he asked the ant. 'Come, play and sing with me!' But the ant just smiled and continued his work. 

While the grasshopper played all summer, the ant kept working. 'Fun is fine, but winter is coming,' thought the ant, stacking food away. 'I must be prepared.' 

Then winter came with its cold and snow. The grasshopper shivered. 'Brr, it's so cold and I have no food!' He saw the ant's cozy home and remembered his summer of play.

Feeling hungry and cold, the grasshopper went to the ant's home. 'Can you share some food?' he asked the ant. The ant looked at him, remembering his summer of hard work.

The kind ant shared his food, saying, 'Next time, remember to plan ahead!' The grasshopper nodded, learning an important lesson about balancing work and play. 


In life, it's important to work hard and prepare for the future, just like the ant did. But don't forget to also take time to enjoy the present, like the grasshopper! 

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