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Hare and Tortoise - The Big Race

Updated: Jan 16

In a sunny, green field, Speedy the Hare loved to say, "I'm the fastest runner ever!" One day, Slowly the Tortoise, tired of Speedy's big talk, said, "Let's race and see!" All the animals in the field came to watch. Speedy, sure he would win, grinned big. Slowly just smiled and stood ready at the start.

"Ready, set, go!" And off Speedy zoomed, quick as lightning, leaving Slowly far back. He hopped and skipped, looking back at Slowly, who was moving... well, like a tortoise! "I'm so far ahead, I can nap!" thought Speedy, and dozed off under a tree.

Meanwhile, Slowly kept going, step by step, never stopping. He didn't look back; his eyes were on the path. As Speedy snoozed, Slowly passed him, getting closer to the end, one small step at a time.

When Speedy woke up, he saw Slowly near the finish line. "Oh no!" he thought and ran as fast as he could. But it was too late. Slowly had crossed the line first! Speedy learned something important that day: don't underestimate others, and being steady can also lead to success.

Moral of the Story: Slow and steady wins the race. It's important to keep going and not underestimate others. 

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