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A Minecraft Tale of Honesty

In the game world of Minecraft, there was a boy named David. David loved to build things and go on fun adventures.

One day, David found a shiny diamond under the ground. It was the biggest diamond ever! He could keep it all to himself. But keeping secrets felt like having a heavy rock in his backpack.

David saw Ms. Wise, the librarian. She said, "Telling the truth is like a light. It helps you find your way and makes you a good friend."

David thought about it. He wanted to be a good friend. So, he told everyone about the diamond. The village was so happy! They all went to find diamonds together and found even more.

David felt good for telling the truth. All the people in the village trusted him. They even named the diamond place "David's Diamond Den."

David learned that being honest made him feel happy and light, like when he jumps high in the game. Everyone liked him for telling the truth. And David became not just a great builder but also the most honest boy in Minecraft.

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